Scrap Wanted Recycling, LLC

Sampling of Previous Jobs

General Recycling: Old Cars and Trucks, Tractors and Implements, Metal Cubicles/ Office Furniture, Restaurant Equipment, Household Appliances, Wire, Pipe, Water Tanks, Batteries, Used oils (fees involved), Tires (fees involved), Pallets, Bulldozers, Bread racks, Commercial Shelving, Rock Crushers, Boilers, Large electric motors, pulling copper lines,  and even Silos!

Plant Demolition

Laydown Yard Cleanups (hauling away boneyards)

Residential Deconstruction 

Feed Mill Equipment Resale

90 ton Dragline Disassembly

Clearing Burned Building (Residential and Commercial)

Forest Thinning

Injection Molding Machine Removal

Empty Content from Warehouses

Accumulations after evictions


We also offer custom hauling on our 35' flatbed and 18' dump trailer

Scrap Wanted Recycling carries $1,000,000 in General Liability Insurance


$1,000,000 in General Liability Insurance coverage




Do you want to have fire mitigation work done, but cannot find a contractor willing to haul away all the logs and brush? We can follow fire mitigation plans leaving your property cleared of the downed trees.

Are you overwhelmed and need help to clear a property with accumulations? We can handle the task of cleaning up a family member's property with sensitivity and knowledge. We understand one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Has your business outgrown your current space, but clearing your old building feels daunting? Use our experience to make the transition smooth and seamless. We understand down time means money.

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