Thank you for being so prompt with delivering my firewood. I appreciate that you were able to get it to me in a very timely manner. And stacking it for me was the icing on the cake! Keep up the hard work!



Shadrach did a great job, really jobs, for me. I needed firewood for the winter, he delivered quickly and at a very reasonable price. I also had hail damage to my barn roof, he took care of that as well at a great price and quickly. Couldn't be happier, and I recommend to all who need help! 

Ken Gunter

These guys did a really great job for us on a very tight time-frame. Excellent work all around in removing three very large metal items from the fifth floor of a building with no freight elevator. Certainly would use them again.

Barry Shearer, Denver Forensic Science Laboratory

After my father passing away, we were left with property that was filled from one corner to the other with "stuff". We were really at a loss as to what to do with everything. We weren't sure what was of value and where to go with it. We were absolutely overwhelmed. After several trips to try to start the cleanup, we called a local recyle center and asked if they had any recommendations and got the name of this company.We called Shadrach and he met us at the property, looked it over and gave an estimate. They know what they are doing. They took something that would have taken us months, if not years, and cleaned it up in a couple of weeks. He came across a few things of value that he didn't have to tell us about but he did. So they know what to do with the unusual stuff, make quick work of cleanup and they are honest. They did a very good job of keeping us current with the work that was completed, what they were working on and what was scheduled to be done next.
I would not hesitate to hire this company again.
Jo Valentine

Shadrach took on a major job of cleaning a 3 acre property let go through years of neglect filled with trash etc and he did it with an owner several states away who could not see the daily results. He is and was a complete professional sending me snapshots of what had been done daily and weekly along with completely understandable invoices showing everything that had been accomplished with receipts attached.  He amazed me with what he did in three weeks turning a complete trash dump into a property ready to sell. Shadrach's company can only  help you and you will be so happy with the results. I found myself asking for his advise daily. HIs wife Aubrey, kept me informed as to what was happening so there were no surprises. I will say that one surprise popped up that he did not have to tell me about and that in itself proved what a trustworthy and honest man he is.  You can only win by choosing this company to help you.

Dana O'Connell (property owner)

Shadrach has worked with Pete Lien and Sons on demolition of a steel frame shed, clean-up of a 50+ year laydown area, and the removal of conveyors from our crushing operation. He was upfront and honest about how he would go about his business, what pricing he would use and was helpful in identifying higher value materials for us. He was able to work fast and without incident. Our facility is regulated by MSHA, and strict safety policies are in affect. Shadrach was willing and able to abide by all of our safety regulations. His good work has earned our future business and would recommend him to anyone.

Dana-Pete Lien and Sons-Colorado Lien Division

Shadrach helped us move a small building 15 miles down the highway to our farm.  He was professional, competent, and reasonably priced.  You couldn't find a better person for the job.

 John Martin (Stonebridge Farm)

I have been a scrap client, an employee, and a friend of Shadrach and Aubrey and their Scrap Wanted business for several years. I have found them to be conscientious, fair, and thorough in all cases. Shadrach is a wealth of useful information about all aspects of the scrap and recycling business.
                                -Jon Bell  -millwright

I enthusiastically write this letter for several reasons. Shadrach has been a great help to me recently.
He has attended our auctions for several years and he was always pleasant and enjoyable to see. In
the beginning I recommended him to a few of my friends asked me who inquired about who they could
contact to clean up scrap iron from their farm yards. When I would see my friends later I was eager to
ask how things worked out with Shadrach. I always received a positive response and to top it off there
was usually an extra compliment like wow or boy he got right with the program. He has taken on some
jobs that I was concerned about because they were large, some were complicated, and some were in
remote areas. The next time I see him he is smiling and tells me of a couple adventures he had getting
the job done, and is ready for another job. He is timely with his work, clear about details so there are no
misunderstandings, and trustworthy.

A couple years ago I was in a predicament and needed somebody to set up an auction. Shadrach had
been to several auctions so I knew he understood how it should be set up, but it is difficult to find the
right person who can responsibly take on the task and have confidence in them. He enthusiastically
took on the job and as the auction approached all of his work was professionally and timely with the
customer well satisfied. Since then he has set up several auctions for me and one of those was a huge
undertaking. He spent the entire summer sorting and cleaning. Shadrach has proven to me several
times over that he can handle any situation I present to him, and I have sent him some challenges. I
have seen him work in tense family situations he handles all of that with a smile too. It just doesn’t
matter what it is, he just gets the work done. He has earned my respect and he has become my “Old go
to” and “Git’er Done” guy.

If you need a job done I recommend that you hire Shadrach. He has the experience so he can look at a
complicated job, develop a plan to get the work done, and then follow through to the end. He is quick
to engage in conversations to determine what the needs and concerns are. I have seen him take on two
monumental jobs and I had concerns about how and if they would get done. No worries though, both
times they were timely completed with first class work.

Yes, I enthusiastically recommend Shadrach for any job.

Everett Schneider (DE Auctioneers)

"In 2011 I contacted ScrapWanted and contracted them to haul away and scrap a yard full of old production equipment on my location. Shadrach and Aubrey completed the job in a timely manner and performed all work above expectations. I would highly recommend them for any size job someone has that needs to be completed."  -Tim (Williams Energy)

"I recently received a small farm with multiple old truck's, farm tractors and scrap. I had no idea what to do. Was told about Scrap Wanted and WOW. If you are looking for honest, reliable, hard working people I recommend them" Mike P.