Our team

Shadrach is always onsite during a job to be sure your wishes are being carried out. We never hand the reigns over to a subcontractor hoping the job is finished properly.  In November of 2014 Shadrach received his MSHA certification for IC and MS which he keeps in good standing with yearly refresher courses.

Aubrey offers logistical support and accounting from our home office.

The boys, Emmett & Lucca, love helping out whenever possible and have worn out many pairs of work gloves.

We contract workers with specialized skills and utilize local staffing agencies to ensure we have the manpower needed to complete projects.

Our family is committed to providing you with the best advice and recommendations for your project. When you need help deciphering what should be recycled, disposed of (and how to remove it) or sold ‘as is’ you can rely on Scrap Wanted Recycling, LLC. We want to make sure your needs are met because we firmly believe we can only grow as a company through strong relationships with former clients.